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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify you received my entries?
In order to respond to questions about entries and to satisfy AKC requirements you must make use of the exhibitor code when making inquiries regarding an entry. Once the exhibitor code has been verified we can check the database to see if the entry has been typed. Due to high volume, it is not possible to search incoming mail.
What is the exhibitor code?
The exhibitor code is a five digit code, created by you, that must be included on your entry form if you wish to be able to make inquiries regarding an entry once it has left your hands. The entry form has a field allocated for inclusion. It is not mandatory on the written form but the Online Entry System requires it in order to access the entry system. The code is used as a unique key to each entry. If you choose not to provide an exhibitor code we will be unable to provide any answers in relation to the status of your entry.
How do I request a specific premium list?
Write to mailroom@onofrio.com. Make sure you give them your postal address. There is no charge for this service.
I got a confirmation back from my fax machine, but it seems to show somebody else's fax number. Did my entries get through?
They may have. We have multiple machines to accept faxes, and when the first is busy, the next takes over and so on.
I didn't get the premium list for this show. Can I use the entry form for another show?
Yes, so long as you clearly identify which show you wish to enter and cross out any information pertaining to that other show.
Why does it take so long to get some results posted?
Results processing cannot take place until the Superintendent has returned from the show and the necessary corrections are made.
Why are some results never posted at all?
We do not have results for any show for which we do not serve as Superintendent. Many clubs contract with us to take their entries and print their show materials, but conduct the actual show themselves, so we will have no record of their results.
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