Step by Step instructions to design a disk file "Computer Ready Ad" on your computer

Step by Step instruction to design a hard copy "Camera Ready Ad" on your computer

File Formats

Cover Information

CATALOG • The catalog is the property of the club hosting the show. The club alone may accept ads for publication into their catalog. Therefore, please submit your ad/s to the club's ad chairperson and make your check payable to the hosting club.

SIZE OF AD • Three ad space sizes are offered at regular ad rates. FULL PAGE (4-1/2" x 7-1/4") - HALF PAGE (4-1/2" x 3-5/8") and QUARTER PAGE (4-1/2" x 1-13/16").

We can print "full page bleed" ads, but the ad rate for a full page bleed is greater than for a regular ad size. Ask your ad chairman for the rate increase.

LAYOUT OF AD • Use the space provided on the advertisers order sheet or, on another sheet of paper, but place your layout in a space the exact size of your ad. Type or print your message. Indicate the position of photos and art work. If you wish, indicate an approximate type size and layout of the text, otherwise, we will design the ad for you.

TEXT • Be aware of the space limitations. A five generation pedigree will have to be set in such a small type size that it will be impossible to read. Please proof read your copy for legibility and spelling.

PHOTOS • We prefer you send the original photograph, but we can accept digital photos. They should be at least 200dpi, and saved as JPEG or TIFF files.

All photos are returned to the ad chairperson on the day of the show.

ARTWORK • Drawings, logos, unusual type styles and the like are easily scanned by our staff and do not incur an extra charge. Paintings, pastels, charcoal or pencil drawings are acceptable but may be charged as a photograph.

CAMERA READY ART • If you prefer to design your own ad, please follow the guidelines in the "Camera Ready Ad" article.

ADS ON DISK • We use: Apple Macintosh Operating System, QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop as our main publishing programs. Scan art as TIFF or JPEG files. If you use a unique type font, include the font file with the file. Please read the "Computer Ready Ads" page.

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